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50 Years of Buying Cars Off the Street

by | Feb 11, 2018 | Cars

Knockin’ on doors for 50 years

I have been knocking on doors and saying, “hey mister wanna sell your car?” since I was 12 years old. I have bought ( and saved from the crusher) 100’s of vehicles this way.

My significant other, my Jewels, says she can’t believe I can walk up and knock on a door and see if something is for sale. I tell her that you never know when the person’s TV may have broken and they will be happy to sell their old car. My most memorable buy was a deal that took 25 years to complete and I was rewarded with the purchase of a 1959 Caddy Coupe but that’s another story.

Just the other day

My most recent purchase was a 1978 Chevrolet Suburban Air, tilt, cruise and 2 WD. A perfect platform for my next car trailer tower.

I had seen this ‘burb parked on the main street, in a small Washington town, for years. I went to the licensing agency to update my 1995 Suburban’s tags. It is the same town as the 78 Suburban and when I was finished licensing I was driving past this old suburban…again.

I’m retired, my days are lazy, and I decided today was the day to see if it was for sale. Let me preface this with I have been “binging” on old pickups and I really didn’t have ANY car money left to buy another vehicle. I told Jewels that I wasn’t going to buy any more cars ’cause I didn’t have enough money left over to buy anymore… I was wrong!

I knocked on the door, a young girl answered, and I asked if the suburban would be for sale. She asked her mom and mom said she really wanted to get rid of it.

I asked how much. Mom said she would take $200. Yup really…$200. I knew it didn’t run because it had sat for so long and 2 tires were flat. I checked my billfold and I was pretty much cashed out. I asked if $150 would work as I wanted to “seal the deal” right there.

Dawn (the seller) was happy to get rid of the old suburban ( she was going to donate it or give it away. She could not find the title but 2 blocks away at the licensing agency we transacted the deal and a title in my name is in process.

The deals are out there

The deals are out there… sometimes they are parked on a Main Street just waiting for you to ask.

I will always be knockin’ on doors…. “hey mister, wanna sell your car?”

78 Square Body Suburban
78 Square Body Suburban
78 Square Body Suburban

Keep on Cruisin!

Always Another Mile—Always Another Story

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50 Years of Buying Cars Off the Street

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