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If You Don’t Have a Trailer You Better Have a Buddy!

by | Sep 5, 2016 | Cars

Don’t sell your trailer—until you have the new replacement!

I have written before about mining CL. I have also wrote about trailering escapades. This is a combination story. It starts with selling my car trailer. This trailer was made by FOX and must have been a late Friday afternoon trailer. A 20 footer, rear jack legs, 10,000 lbs and I installed a new winch with winch rope replacing the cable. That’s another story.

This trailer was flat with no ” dovetail “. Which I obviously noticed; but what I did not notice was the angle iron lip for the ramps was installed about 2 inches below level of the trailer bed. “So what?”

Why you should look closer…

With a flat trailer older cars have a tendency to have an issue making the transition from ramp to bed with something hanging up; usually a transmission cross member. Some guys solve that by leaning on the winch and usually tear up the trailer, the car or the winch or all three. ADD a 2 inch drop to the ramps and this is a nightmare! I had to ” jack leg ” every car. The trailer sat most of the time and I decided the Fox trailer needed a new home. I put it on our local CL and in 48 hours it was being towed away by a happy new owner.
With cash in hand I am a happy guy and I would just pickup a different trailer when I needed it.


Perusing the car ads on CL; my “unwind” past time. I spotted a 1959 Fiat 1200 Transformable by Pininfarina, mostly complete, well rusted, and “$300 or goes to scrap on Monday.” I have spent my life buying and selling unique cars and this car, restored, would be one of the most significant cars I have ever owned. Long, LONNGGGG, term outside storage had taken it’s toll and I would need to…… TRAILER IT!!!! ….. oooooppsss.

What are friends for

A quick call secured the car and another got a friend and his trailer enlisted. I always fill the tank of the friends vehicle when I am in a situation like this. hint: be sure and ask how much gas he has before you do this. $78 in gas and a good $12 breakfast and the fiat is on the trailer.

We brought it back to the station and unloaded it in the front row, the majestic seat! Our little corner ( literally ) of the world is well known for fun and unique cars and this fit right in. Many stops, conversations and photos of the Fiat ensued.

Back to mining CL, this time for a trailer. In the next few days after bringing home the Transformable I spotted and purchased a 20 Foot PJ, dovetail trailer. A road trip and I brought home a very easy to use car trailer, only 7000 lbs though….. if it were only a 10K. hmmmm…….

Moral of the story—Don’t be without a trailer if you are a car guy or gal!

Keep on Cruisin!

Always Another Mile—Always Another Story

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