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Living The Dream

I’m a dyed in the wool, motor oil bleedin’, car guy dedicated to the preservation of transportation.

A poor man’s passion of vintage and classic cars, boats and planes. Unique is what I seek.

From 12 years old through the next 50 years, I have bought and sold well past a thousand cars. My first car was a 1953 Buick 3 hole and my last car—well I will never know. I refurbished cars for 40 years and always dreamed of living in an old gas station…be careful what you wish for! Now I’m restoring the ultimate man cave, and who wouldn’t want their own vintage service station?

Classic Phillips 66, working on gas pump island

A Lifetime Love Affair With the Automobile

Greg Herron at the 2017 Bager Mtn Boogie

Lovin’ Cars

From my first car through today I have enjoyed the “hunt” and passing on of automobiles and automobila.

There are few manufacturers I haven’t enjoyed. Although I have often said there were not many redeaming Fiats or Renaults, I would love a Topolino or an R5 Turbo.

I’ve rescued rusted hulks drug out of fields (think Fiat Pininfarina Transformable)  and owned “garage kept”  low production drivers (think Lotus Elite seriesII).

From Chevy pickups to Mercedes, Jags, and Porsche—I have loved them all. All my loves, like beautiful women, were dates without committments and they’ve always found a new home.

There is one exception … my Jewels.

1979 C30 Crew Cab SRW GMC
1972 Buick Skylark and Greg Herron
Red Giant Batteries sign
Shoe Box Ford with Pierce Arrow Travel Trailer
FE Front Engine Dragster
1973 Volkswagon Thing
1959 Fiat 1200 TV SpiderTrasformabile
1950s GMC Steptoe WA Fire Truck

What’s in Your Barn?

Call me at 509-592-6764!

Dedicated to the preservation of transportation.

I buy antique and unique cars, trucks, motorcycles, airplanes, boats, gas station items, bicycles, signs and advertising, and more!

photo by Teddy Pieper @ The 1969 Dodge Daytona Charger Barn Find

psst, hey buddy wanna buy a car

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You Can Live The Dream!

You Can Live The Dream!

Our historic filling station is in Steptoe, Washington, the heart of the Palouse, and is located 50 miles south of Spokane, Washington on the main highway to WSU (state highway 195) and only 10 miles from Colfax; and an easy commute to Washington State University, WSU, in Pullman Washington. read more

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