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Circling My Finger In the Air

by | Oct 12, 2014 | Uniques and Antiques

After a call from a retiring “pack rat” I would go see their collection of treasures. A quick survey as I walked in would have me circling my finger in the air as I asked, “How much?”. The seller was always happy to get some one who would buy it all and I had Christmas morning every time I started going through the latest “pack rat” boxes I purchased.

I have 100’s maybe 1000’s of antiques and uniques. For decades I dug through  old pack rat buildings, old filling station inventorys, estate sales,  auctions, rummage sales and even attics to acquire my newest find of automobilia. Along the way other antiques and curiosities caught my eye and came along for the ride.

Make no mistake, this is a HUMBLE collection. I sought unique treasures not necessarily expensive ones. The unique inventions, in colorful boxes, and unusual names of manufacturers, long gone, are always interesting to me. I walked through history as I collected, displayed and enjoyed each artifact.

I have much more than I can describe and everyone who visits agrees they never see everything. From very tiny plastic cars to Tonkas, vintage racing items and the latest invention for 1940. Avon cars and antique decals; eldon slot cars to tin cans I have a ton of stuff ( maybe 3 or 4 tons LOL).

I will ebay much of my collection and offer other items on here for a fixed price.

I invite you to sign up on my email list as I will send out an update when new items are listed. The quest never ends and the enjoyment never fades. Keep on cruisin’ the roads less traveled.

Keep on Cruisin!

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  1. CD

    Cool website. Would love to retire in an old gas station one day.

    • Greg Herron

      Thank you CD. We have really enjoyed our antique station. For me it’s time to move to the desert for health reasons. You can retire here when your ready. Have a great car day!


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