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Classic Phillips 66 is a dream that was a long time coming. With a reversal of fortunes, I found myself in Steptoe, Washington buying a dilapidated vintage gas station that was built in

Every Day is a GREAT Day

Every day you wake up is a Great day… beats the alternative!

Having fun and making fun of oneself is the key to life. Enjoy your life, your work, AND YOUR PASSIONS! With more passion than money, and maybe sense, and with the help of my good friend Cooper, the endeavor to revive the old 66 station has been both fun and enjoyable.

Greg Herron

Tools are kool—EVEN us OLD TOOLS!

After decades of creepers, foam pads and Cooper’s creepers (a simple piece of cardboard) I bought a 4-post lift. Shoulda done that 30 years ago! I may have lost my hair, but I still have tools that I have owned for 50 years. You realize how old you are when you look at that first set of Thorsen sockets you got for your 12th birthday.

Classic Phillips 66 garage, Greg Herron

No Distance Is too Far

With a wing and a prayer, and a pocket full of cash I have chased cars, and caught many, throughout the western part of the US. Their new homes have ranged all over the country and as far away as Austrailia and Japan.





2010 Victory Vision 8 ball
1966 Rambler AMC Marlin
1958 Edsel Villager
1966 Rolls Royce silver shadow
Vintage Roadster Drag Car
1981 Chevy Comaro
1963 Ford F100 unibody
1982 Dodge Rampage

Memory Lane

Steering Wheel

A 50 Year Love Affair

When I was 5 years old my grandpa taught me how to push the Edsel teletouch into D and idle the car through the gate he’d opened. I would slide down the seat and push the brake pedal when I was through. By 10 years old I was wheeling the old ’57 Ford up and down the 1/2 mile dirt drive to the ranch. As fast as the straight 6 and 3 on the tree could go I would spin it around at the end spitting dirt and dust in the air.

I had no real family connection to cars, but cars were my first love. I have enjoyed the hunt, the endeavor of making them better, and the sale to a new home. I love everything about cars. My younger years are way back in the rear view mirror, but my passion has never waned. I concentrate on acquisition and resale now saving every chrome bumper I can from the crusher’s crush. Keep on Kruzzin’

psst, hey buddy wanna buy a car

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