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Mining for Gold on Craigslist

by | Sep 15, 2015 | Uniques and Antiques

Our Classic Phillips 66 Gas Station sits on the corner of HWY 195 and State Route 23 in Washington state. We have a traffic flow of several thousand vehicles a day. Any time I am out in the station side of the building ( our building is half antique service station and half “man cave” living area) people randomly stop by and many deals are made on our antiques and automobilia. I collected car stuff for over 40 years and although I bleed motor oil when I have a cut, my kids never really got interested in the car world. I have been paring down my collection and finding new homes for my old items. We don’t have a business or business hours or even inventory; the items are just my personal, eclectic collection, but anything that I want to sell goes away fast.

There’s Gold on CL

I am always looking for “gold” on Craigslist. I will preface this by saying that at least 80% of the time I pay the asking price as there is still “meat left on the bone” and you don’t have to beat down a seller on his price just because you might be able to. I have found 2 standard gas pumps,  which are part of our station display, and an antique “double” pump out of the 50’s all on CL and none over $300. These pumps are a permanent addition to our filling station and are slowly starting to get fixed up.

The hare wins the gold

I purchased the 1966 Marlin from the original family and bought it within 2 hours of the ad hitting CL;  a VERY rare car and a fair price. I have also purchased (within 2 hours of the ad placement) a 1966 Mustang Coupe with a 289 and 3 speed, with a top loader 4 speed in the trunk. I not only paid the asking price, below $2000, but I paid the owner an additional $50 to drive it to our station since I didn’t have my trailer with me. I have purchased a number of antique cars and memorabilia off of CL. Remember the GREAT deals go quick!

Antique cars, service station items & memorabilia pop up on CL daily.

If you know what you want and you know the values you can find great additions to your collection or you can find “gold” on Craigslist.

Happy hunting and …

Keep on Cruisin!

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  1. James Lawrence

    Seeing the picture of your shop and the Marlin made my day.

    I have wanted one since a kid in Springfield, Ohio. With my paper routes I regularly rode my bike by the Rambler dealership. When I was 19 they had a red and white 1965 model I really wanted……but with community college school expenses it was out of the question.

    Since then still watched for one…..often too rusty now if back East or just too expensive if nearly restored.

    I have never seen your color combination and really like it.
    When or if you want to sell it please let me know…..or if you run across another one preferably a fixer…..please let me know. Thanks

    • Greg Herron

      Hey Jim, Sorry for the delay on a reply. We have been redoing the blog.
      That was a unique color combo. I have found a 65 near me that has the same colors but in dark paint rather than vinyl. Not for sale though. The one I had went to a collector in Phoenix. I am always playing with old tin and I am going to try and get better at posting blogs and a newsletter. We also updated our station display as you will see on here now. Thank you for the comment and cruise by this site once in awhile. Greg


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